The Curriculum Question

There is one word to describe your home school curriculum choices: Endless!
  • You can choose to use all textbooks, you can choose to use a total unit study approach or a blend of the two!
  • You can use a curriculum style that is totally your own or one that is prepared by others!
  • You can use almost any combination of books and information that suits your home school!
  • Children learn! Find the style that fits your family and go for it!!

Curriculum Style Choices

There are many textbook companies out there. Among the best are Bob Jones, A Beka, Scott Foresman, Saxon and many, many others. Get a good curriculum catalog and just look for the one that satisfies your requirements. On the Educational Surfing page there are many links to companies with catalogs for you to check out!! Also, check out the used curriculum sales in your area for used curriculum at a good price. Ask other home schoolers to show you their textbooks so that you can see what the book is like!

With Unit Studies use can use an already prepared curriculum such as Konos or Weaver, or you can develop your own style of unit studies. There are many individual unit study subjects available. Amanda Bennett has developed a whole series of unit studies on different topics. By looking through curriculum catalogs you can find a whole range of subject unit study packages available.

This style of teaching deals with reading, investigating and individuality. This is the hardest to explain because it can take so many different forms and avenues. Although a textbook may be used for a few of the subjects, most of the learning is done through interest-driven research, reading and investigation of a topic. For example: your children want to learn about a specific topic such as weather. Depending on the age(s) of the children, you would then set them on a course of discovery to learn all about the weather. This process would continue and grow.

This category is for the prepared curriculum that does not quite fall into the previous categories. Such as the Robinson Curriculum. The Robinson curriculum is a prepared set of cd-rom's that outline a complete home school course. To find out more about the Robinson curriculum write: Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine, 2251 Dick George Rd, Cave Junction, Oregon 97523. There are other programs such as this one available.

This method of teaching children at home includes correspondence, satellite schools and internet! With the advent of easy access internet, families are finding new ways to teach their children. From traditional correspondence courses to video schools to internet classes, families are finding that these new ways to introduce knowledge to their children is affordable and helpful! Surfing the web can give you a wide range of opportunities for learning!

Please note that you do not have to choose one specific type of curriculum. You can use the best of all worlds. You can use textbooks for certain courses while integrating unit studies in those subjects that are best suited for unit studies. One of the main reasons to home school is so that we can teach our children from a different perspective than the traditional classroom. Just remember to use the curriculum style that best fits your family and their learning styles.

Another caution in choosing curriculum. Children love to learn, but they can be overwhelmed when mom and dad shove too much at them too fast. Take time to establish a routine and curriculum that best fits your situation. Incorporate the style of teaching you want with a core curriculum and then add from there! Be assured that if your kids are are too (and vice versa)!!!!

Questions about Curriculum Choices for your Family? Questions about your child's learning style? Find a local Support Group (link for S.C. homeschoolers) and learn from your fellow homeschoolers what is working for them! Take into consideration what your family needs and incorporate those ideas that you feel will work with your family! For specific questions, you can e-mail Homeward Education Association

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