Getting Started

The hardest & most rewarding thing you will ever do!

The Decision - To Home School or Not To Home School
When contemplating home schooling, you have to discover what your reasons are for home schooling. There are a wide assortment of reasons why a family would choose to home school. Make sure your reasons are valid and firm enough to withstand all the work, effort and sometimes criticism that comes with the decision!
IMPORTANT: Remember that with the decision comes commitment!

The Questions - Home Schooling?
Once the choice has been made to home school, or as you are researching whether or not to home school, information has to be gathered and assimilated about the hard facts and issues of home schooling. You will want to know about legal issues for your state, curriculum choices, support and resources available.

The Choice - Home Schooling!
So, now you have researched all your questions and have decided that home schooling is for your family. The next step is to choose your legal option , within the laws of your state; choose your curriculum style and what books you will need; whether or not to join a local support group; and begin home schooling! NOTE: If you are making this decision in the middle of a school year and have to pull your child from a school, you may have to give them information about what you are doing. Please be aware of the laws in your area!

The Daily Commitment - Home Schooling!
Now we are home schooling. How do we handle the crisis that come our way? Home schooling can be fun and great for family bonding, it can also be time consuming and frustrating. To keep all things in balance, home schooling must be put in it's proper place. The family exists not just for home schooling. Keep home schooling in perspective and give your time, energy and resources to other events in your family's life! When frustrations arise or problems come up, having a network of friends to help you sort through these problem areas is invaluable. Home Schooling support groups, whether large or small, are a good source of support! To find a support group near you, visit:

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