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One of the most questioned issues in home schooling is: "How well do home schoolers learn at home and do they learn enough at home to compete with their traditional school peers?" The answer to this question is that they not only compare favorably, but in most instances home schooled kids score higher on achievement-based tests. This has been proven in study after study. The most recent study's results have been published by Home School Legal Defense Association and is available upon request. To obtain a copy of the results, write or phone Home School Legal Defense Association and request a copy. There is a small fee for a copy of this study.

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Achievement Testing
There are many schools of thought on achievement testing. Depending on what you feel about testing or the laws that govern your home school, the issue of testing needs to be explored. Although some states do not require testing, we will concentrate on the fact that in certain states testing is required.
There are quite a few tests available that measure achievement. Among them are the Stanford Achievement Test, Metropolitan Achievement Test, and the Iowa Basic. In your area, the favorite choice of test may be something else. Research the test and find out what the test measures. As a home schooler, you have to be aware of requirements needed to administer the test to your child. For example, the Iowa basic requires that the tester be a college graduate or a teacher in a conventional school. Whereas, the Stanford and Metropolitan requires that the tester be a college graduate and an approved tester. Approval can be certification as a teacher or through Bob Jones University where the tester is approved for test administration. For a testing information and order form from Bob Jones University call 1-800-845-5731. There are even some tests out there that can be administered by the parent and sent off for evaluation. To find out about the tests that are used in your area, contact your local or state home school association. If you do not know of an association in your state, contact HSLDA.

Aptitude Testing
For the home school high schooler, the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT), the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or the ACT tests are very important for College entrance. The public schools in your area offer these tests at assigned times during the year and are open to any high schooler. In some cases, private schools are host sites for these tests. Be sure to check with the schools in your area about the times and sites for these tests. If you are in the Sumter Area, Sumter Christian School is a site for the PSAT and the ACT. Your home school high schooler can be included in the National Merit selection! By taking the PSAT as a junior, they can be considered for the National Merit scholarships.

You can access the following sites to register your high schooler to take these tests:
ACT Web Site
SAT Web Site

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