There is one word to describe your home school curriculum choices: Endless! You can choose to use all textbooks, or you can choose to go digital. There are also options for online learning as well. You can choose to be the sole teacher for your kids, or you can make use of curriculum that comes with video instruction, or you can participate in co-ops with other homeschool families. You can use a curriculum style that is totally your own or one that is prepared by others. Almost any combination of books and information can be used that suits YOUR home school! Children will learn. Find the style that fits your family and go for it! Sometimes it can seem overwhelming with all the options available, especially if you are new to homeschool, but we are here to assist you! Come in for a consultation at our office and we can help you with your curriculum concerns! Schedule an appointment today!

There are many textbook companies out there. Among the best are Apologia, Saxon, Bob Jones, A Beka, Scott Foresman, and many, many others. Browse a curriculum website, such as Rainbow Resource Center, which carries thousands of options to choose from. They also have education consultants available to help you find what will fit your needs. Additionally, here at Homeward Education Association, we have a curriculum library with both new and used curriculum available for rent. We have a wide variety of subjects and grade levels to choose from, so stop in and take a look! Also, check out the used curriculum sales in your area for used curriculum at a good price. Ask other homeschoolers to show you their textbooks so that you can see what the book is like!

If you prefer to go digital, there are plenty of options for online learning. Whether you are looking to use one or two online courses to incorporate into your homeschool or you want all coursework to be learned online, there are many to choose from. A few of these options are A Beka Academy, Apologia Online Academy, Time4Learning, and many more! Homeward Education Association has online high school classes available that our members can enroll in. Call or email the office for more info!

There are quite a few options to take classes in person through local homeschool co-ops or resource centers. This usually involves meeting together one or two days a week for class instruction and continuing the school work at home the remaining days each week. Ask around in your area to see what is available. If you are local to the Sumter area, Homeward Education Association now offers in-person high school classes that member families can enroll in. Call or email the office for more information!

Some families prefer to go with an all-in-one type of curriculum, where you can buy a complete kit for a particular grade level that has all the subjects included. Some companies that offer this include A Beka, Bob Jones, and Sonlight. Other families prefer to pick and choose their curriculum from different publishers for different subjects. For example, you might choose Saxon for math, Apologia for science, and Notgrass for literature and history. The possibilities are endless!

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